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Great Shows of 2017 – Part 1 Flywheel

Weirdly, we didn’t get to a huge amount of car shows this year – but there were some good ones! The Flywheel Festival at Bicester Heritage is a good show for those interested in more than just classic cars. It’s more of an ‘Eagle Comic’... read more

Bizarre Land Rover Illustration – Part 2

Based on an advert I did using a huge tyre surrounded by Land Rovers, my client came up with the idea of something similar in the style of a B-movie poster. This seemed like fun, so we went ahead, adding screaming women and hordes of zombies. This got kind of... read more

Bizarre Land Rover Illustration – Part 1

I do love old Land Rovers, not enough to own one, but they’re certainly bursting with character and friendliness. As part of a discussion on fun ways of advertising tyres for original series Land Rovers, the idea of cars worshipping the tyre came up. So... read more

Ferrari 250GT SWB and some GTOs

Some of the most fun car arguments are over “what’s the best car [insert car company name] have made.” Most enthusiasts have opinions on the best and worst cars in the range, and aren’t scared to voice them. Ferrari’s long and varied... read more