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New Porsche design

The Porsche 911 Carrera RSR was an early step in the factory’s move away from Sports Prototype racers, and towards road car based designs. This was partly due to the regulation changes at the time, and also allowed Porsche to promote its products in a more... read more

New Le Mans Alpines poster image – work in progress!

Currently working on a new poster, soon to be available as a print. This time I’m looking at the 1969 Le Mans event from the point of view of some of the less well-known, but technically interesting participants. I’ve always loved the French entries, as... read more

New GT40 design

It’s been a very long time since I uploaded new t-shirt designs, or new prints. I’ve been doing lots of commercial work. Time to put this right I think. This first design is from one of my favourite periods of sportscar racing, the late 1960s and early... read more

Classic & Sportscar Magazine 2018 Show at Flywheel

Classic & Sportscar magazine’s show at Flywheel (Bicester Heritage) is a new event this year; but the Flywheel show was so good last year we decided to chance it. We had a great day – having a demonstration course really makes the cars more interesting... read more

Highcliffe Castle show May 2018

The weather was looking a bit grey first thing on Sunday – but it definitely improved for the Classic Cars on the Prom show at Highcliffe Castle. I took the Porsche along, as it just scrapes into the pre-August ’83 guideline. There was a good variety of... read more

Do you remember Seek n’ Seal?

Seek ‘n’ Seal was a favourite product for classic car owners. Especially those with leaky window seals. It’s not been available for ages, but the original maker has re-released it in a new form. I’ve been busy creating a new logo for it, as... read more