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Classic & Sportscar Magazine 2018 Show at Flywheel

Classic & Sportscar magazine’s show at Flywheel (Bicester Heritage) is a new event this year; but the Flywheel show was so good last year we decided to chance it. We had a great day – having a demonstration course really makes the cars more interesting... read more

Highcliffe Castle show May 2018

The weather was looking a bit grey first thing on Sunday – but it definitely improved for the Classic Cars on the Prom show at Highcliffe Castle. I took the Porsche along, as it just scrapes into the pre-August ’83 guideline. There was a good variety of... read more

Do you remember Seek n’ Seal?

Seek ‘n’ Seal was a favourite product for classic car owners. Especially those with leaky window seals. It’s not been available for ages, but the original maker has re-released it in a new form. I’ve been busy creating a new logo for it, as... read more

Essen Classic car show 2018

One of my customers requested a large (5 metre!) banner for their stand at the Essen classic car show this year. They wanted something dramatic, with a hint of Nurburgring and a dash of Britishness! So I decided on an... read more

GDPR and privacy policy for Velocity Gallery

More GDPR fun – but not in your inbox this time! Along with everyone else I’m making sure my business and website are GDPR compliant. Although the constant stream of opt-in emails are becoming a meme for May, I’m not going to complain. Improved rules... read more

Great Shows of 2017 – Part 1 Flywheel

Weirdly, we didn’t get to a huge amount of car shows this year – but there were some good ones! The Flywheel Festival at Bicester Heritage is a good show for those interested in more than just classic cars. It’s more of an ‘Eagle Comic’... read more