Been a long time since my last post – basically I got a full-time job.  It is in the classic car industry, and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it at some point.  Anyway, me and the lad went to Volksworld last weekend.  Not as sunny as last year, but the traffic thro’ Esher was pretty similar.

If there was a theme for the show it could have been “low.”  Always a popular VW mod, the cars this year were dramatically near the ground.  The winner was a Golf…


Actually, it’s not really a Golf.  It’s a Mk1 GTi body channeled over a Beetle chassis, with a Mazda rotary Wankel engine slung out the back.  Writing “Wankel” is fun.  It’s an extreme example of good engineering for the sake of it.  We really liked it, and it was getting a lot of attention, as people tried to work out what it was and how it worked.  There’s a write-up here.


Having lots of Beetles and Campers around made it easy to pick out what was truly excellent.  This Beetle really stuck out for me; the stance, wheels and colour worked well even on a grey day.



We liked the “Things” too, Voodoo VW had one for sale that Aaron was pretty desperate to take home with him.  There’s something interesting about cars that have been stripped back to the bare essentials, basically a wheeled tent.



Some customs were a bit hard to understand, I admit I’ve done no research, but I can’t work out the why of this exhaust 🙂

Another feature of the show this year was the Porsche 912, there were lots (well, half a dozen) – which gave us an idea about a car for us to take next year. There’s one at the start of this post, and another just here…


So, there’s going to be a bit of welding over the next year, but for the moment we’re at the planning stage which is more relaxing, and doesn’t involve me setting fire to my hair (like last time).

The last picture is of a camper van used by a travelling artist.  It’s pretty unique, it looks like a country cottage owned by a pirate.  There’s a woodburner, and the whole exterior seems to have had a brown wash.  Loveable but mental.

One last thing that just popped into my head.  No Volksrods this year, why?