Since the demise of our last Porsche there’s been an absence of classic cars around the house.  We went to see a Porsche 944 that turned out to have 312,000 miles on it.  It was OK actually, bit baggy and the gearstick needed a dose of Viagra to stay in gear, but not bad.  It was a bit much for a car that was going to need a cambelt, waterpump and tensioners etc.  So, my son kept looking on the Bay and he found a 924…

photoDespite much brown-ness in the interior, it turned out to be a good car so we came home with it.  I’ve bought a lot worse, so the boy’s done well – especially as he’s only 8.

He’s got plans for it too.  He’s got his eye on a Carrera GT bodykit, and keeps mentioning superchargers.  Which makes me feel a bit dull – as I was just thinking of getting some bushes and shocks.

Anyway, lots of different plans for it – some of it may turn up as artwork.  Airbag suspension and ATS wheels?

The picture at the top was at work one Saturday.  It looked good next to my colleague Scott’s Mk1 Escort.  He’s got a couple of these, and a Capri, in a garage he made himself out of pallets!


Obligatory 80’s music, to go with the still-functional 80’s stereo, but I don’t have a lot of tapes left.  So I’m going to work out how to plumb an iPod into it.  It’s a bit of Ashes to Ashes for the drive to work every day.

I’ve seen a 924 Turbo on a local driveway too, so there might be a collection in the offing.