We visited the Bournemouth Aviation Museum on a whim over the bank holiday weekend, we hadn’t been for a while. It’s a lovely little place on the other side of the road from Bournemouth Airport, run by volunteers, and with an interesting collection of old planes. There’s lots of classic British planes from the 1950s and 60s, like the Vulcan, Hunter and Lightning, and the best bit is that you can just sit in them and fiddle with stuff. They’re all showing signs of gradual decay – to the benefit of photography! They’re incredibly hard to get into and out of, people were smaller, thinner and more agile back in the day. The look of the technology is great, 1950s stuff is so massively complicated it’s hard to imagine being able to use it in a hurry, and the addition of lots of handwritten stuff like warnings, and descriptions is great. I prefer it to the made-up tech involved in steampunk, it’s very human and has a willful lack of any kind of decoration.

The museum has a lot for the visitor to look at, plus viewing platforms to see planes taking off and leaving the airport (including some Jumbos owned by a Sultan!). The staff are nice and actually want you to be hands-on with the stuff, which makes a nice change from a lot of places. It doesn’t have the interactive stuff for kids – instead they can actually get into the real thing and play with it. It’s great. Recommended!

See more here http://www.aviation-museum.co.uk/