February again, time for the Retromobile show in Paris. One of my clients has a stand at this show every year, and for the last couple they have been using backdrop artwork supplied by myself. This year they asked for selection of vehicles that showed the range of motoring eras that they supply tyres for. Seeing as this range is from 1890 to the present day it presented a lot of scope! Retromobile this year is showing Delage racing cars, and Group B rally cars, for which my client can supply tyres – so we decided to represent those, plus something very French, like a 2CV, as well as exotic Italians and great British sportscars.

The finished backdrop is about 5 metres long, by 2 metres tall, and made up of 5 panels. It shows a Le Mans running start, with the cars lined up ready to blast off into the race. There’s a Group B Audi Quattro, a Delage GP car, a 2CV, a Jaguar E-type and a Ferrari Daytona. Each is rendered to be highly detailed on close inspection – as customers will be very close to it on the stand. One aspect that did take some work was the crowd – there are hundreds, or possibly thousands of people in the background!

My client also sells tyres for classic motorcycles, so I did a second backdrop (only 2 metres wide this time!) with a classic Moto Guzzi motorcycle. I’m a sucker for these big Italian twins – there’s nothing else quite like them. I added an old-style fairing to the bike to cary some of the brand names of products my client sells.

The stand was set up today – and so far I’ve only got this phone picture – but it looks pretty good!