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New design number 6

One for fun today, my favourite TV character when I was very young! I loved Thunderbirds, it nurtured my love of amazing machines and technology. I did find the Tracey family a bit goody-goody though, Lady Penelope and Parker were much more fun (because they did all... read more

New Design #5 Porsche 912

Decided to upload some weekend designs, though I’m planning to be mostly outside working on cars while it’s sunny. This one is a Porsche 912, accelerating hard off the line. It’s based on some sketches I did of a car prepared by Tuthill Porsche. I... read more

New Design #4 Another Lola!

Uploading yesterday’s Lola T70 reminded me of an old picture, made years ago – based on an even older doodle I did when I was at school! One I’d always liked. Even if it wasn’t very accurate (I’d never seen the car in real life at the... read more

New Design #3 Lola T70 Spyder

Today’s design is one of my favourites – I’ve been doodling this car since I was a kid. The Lola T70 was the product of Eric Broadley’s frustration with working with Ford on the early version of the GT40. It contained all the developments he... read more

New Design #2 Porsche 356

The second picture for my DesignDaily project is, a bit predictably, a Porsche. In this case a 356B that has been turned into a race car for the incredibly demanding Carrera Panamerica event. I sketched this car at Simply Porsche a year or two ago, and it seemed ideal... read more

New design and new project

Like a lot of freelancers, lockdown has brought quite a change to my work. It has made me realise that I’ve been rather wrapped up in corporate work for a few years now, and that I’ve neglected my own stuff. Plus my website is a bit stuck in time. So,... read more