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New Design 10 – Porsche tyres advert

This image was intended for tyre adverts in a selection of classic Porsche magazines, but wasn’t used in the end. It shows both road and race cars (Speedster, 911 2.7 RS, 906 and 917), and the tyre markings are exaggerated in the style of old tyre ads from the... read more

New Design #9 Maserati 250S Sports racer

A classic Italian racer this time. The 1950s were a bit of a road racing arms race between Ferrari and Maserati. The ultimate 4 cylinder Maserati sportscar was the 250S. Particularly successful in the States these cars had quirky handling, but look fabulous. I saw... read more

Design 8 Eggenberger Ford Sierra RS500

Bit of an exercise in drawing a racing car using mostly the advertising logos in its paint scheme. Steve Soper drove this car in the one-off 1987 World Touring Car Championship. This is arguably the best touring car livery of the 1980s. I used to work in a Fina garage... read more

New Design #7 Jaguar E-Type

Today’s design is a Jaguar E-Type, a semi-lightweight competition spec car. Jaguar developed the 12 original Lightweight cars in an effort to compete with Ferrari’s 250 racing models in the mid 60s, with a lot of aluminium in its construction – and... read more

New design number 6

One for fun today, my favourite TV character when I was very young! I loved Thunderbirds, it nurtured my love of amazing machines and technology. I did find the Tracey family a bit goody-goody though, Lady Penelope and Parker were much more fun (because they did all... read more