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Lightweight E-type

  Now I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the Jaguar E-type, I’ve seen too many shiny ones at shows, they’re just not exciting. The race ones on the other hand… Anyway, the lightweights and the low-drag cars bring some much needed... read more

Retromobile Paris 2017

February again, time for the Retromobile show in Paris. One of my clients has a stand at this show every year, and for the last couple they have been using backdrop artwork supplied by myself. This year they asked for selection of vehicles that showed the range of... read more

GT Man, 1970s motoring adverts

I suppose the Milk Tray man was my earliest experience of 1970s man-of-mystery advertising. Even though the ads themselves were a bit inexplicable, why would anyone deliver chocolates by speedboat in the dead of night? Surely if you were going to those kind of... read more

Mercedes Gullwing Illustration

I’m generally in two minds about high value investment cars from prestige marques, especially classics from the pre-me period. I can see the attraction of beautiful design, performance and an adventurous history; but, their ludicrously inflated values make them... read more

Porsche Spyder

The Porsche 550, a tiny yet fabulous racing car that helped launch Porsche towards eventual sportscar domination.  In 1953 it was a class winner in many events, and by 1956 an overall winner of the Targa Florio.  Seriously low, low enough to go under railway crossing... read more