Like a lot of freelancers, lockdown has brought quite a change to my work. It has made me realise that I’ve been rather wrapped up in corporate work for a few years now, and that I’ve neglected my own stuff. Plus my website is a bit stuck in time.

So, alongside a site revamp, I’m starting a new project to try new things. It’s actually a revised version of the 365Tees I made a few years ago.

Each day I’ll upload a new design or image, initially with a motoring theme – but new ideas may come up. Then I’ll see how long I can keep it going. I’ll call it ‘DesignDaily’ to start with, but I’m hoping a better name will come to me 🙂 .

So, here is the first design – a Lotus Eleven racer!

These amazing little (and I mean, really little) race cars are gorgeous examples of sophisticated and minimalist design. Designed in the mid-1950s as an entrant for sportscar racing, the Eleven came in road and track versions, culminating in the single seat Le Mans version (which this picture is of). Incredibly low, and developed entirely for minimal drag and weight, this version could get 165mph out of its 1500cc twin cam engine.

I saw this example at the Flywheel festival in 2017, which now seems like a bit of a glorious memory of the old days of people mingling! I spent a very happy day there sketching in the sun.

This design is available as a print, or can be had on t-shirts and many other products on Redbubble just by clicking here.