Today’s design is a Jaguar E-Type, a semi-lightweight competition spec car.

Jaguar developed the 12 original Lightweight cars in an effort to compete with Ferrari’s 250 racing models in the mid 60s, with a lot of aluminium in its construction – and more powerful engines. They were primarily customer cars, rather than factory team cars like the earlier C and D types, and were successful in shorter races, rather than endurance epics like Le Mans. Most remained open-top (using hard-tops, like the car in this image), but a couple were rebodied in low-drag coupe forms.

Since the 60s many competition E-types have been developed using features from the factory lightweights – such as the aluminium panels and engine, lightened interiors and bigger carbs and fuel injection, these are generally referred to as ‘semi-lightweights.’

This car is one I saw on a demonstration run on a small track – and was able to sketch it. Unlike the road-cars, competition Es are muscular looking, which I think is a vast improvement. In the picture, the car is braking heavily for a corner, pitching forward on its softish suspension, and lifting at the rear, over the big tyres generally fitted to these cars.

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