Uploading yesterday’s Lola T70 reminded me of an old picture, made years ago – based on an even older doodle I did when I was at school! One I’d always liked. Even if it wasn’t very accurate (I’d never seen the car in real life at the time, or moving on film – it would have been done from the photos I avidly digested in old books and magazines), I liked the way it looked like it was from one of the comics I liked. I’d nailed the style if not the drawing .

So, I reworked the design yesterday, just to make it work a little better, change the direction of movement and tidy it up, I didn’t want to lose the style. It’s a bit of a hotch-potch of different Lola T70 Mk3 coupes in terms of design features and paintwork, it doesn’t represent any particular car from the time, and some of it is just wrong 🙂 I hope you’ll excuse me going off on a Lola tangent, I’ve plenty of newer things to be getting on with!

I might take a bit of a rest over the weekend, and keep the designs to weekdays – but if I do something I like I might put it up.