Today’s design is one of my favourites – I’ve been doodling this car since I was a kid. The Lola T70 was the product of Eric Broadley’s frustration with working with Ford on the early version of the GT40. It contained all the developments he really wanted to make. As a result it was a highly successful customer race car in the mid to late 1960s, winning Canam in 1966 and Daytona in 1969. The later coupe versions (especially the 3B) are probably the iconic image of the car, but the earlier Spyders (like this Mk2) are a nicely pure design.

This car was raced in Canam in 1966 by A.J.Foyt (that’s his signature on the front wing), and I saw it at the Flywheel festival a few years ago. Sketching it was surprisingly quick – as I said, it’s a pure design made up of just a few curves – and watching it thunder around the tiny track layout was impressive. This image captures the driver trying to get the car slowed down for turning into a bend, it all looked very hectic!

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