This image was intended for tyre adverts in a selection of classic Porsche magazines, but wasn’t used in the end. It shows both road and race cars (Speedster, 911 2.7 RS, 906 and 917), and the tyre markings are exaggerated in the style of old tyre ads from the dawn of the industry through to the 1970s.

The images are mostly based on quick thumbnail sketches from cars at shows – side views are quite easy to get if you force the perspective. I was lucky in that the customer for the image had a 917 on site. Generally that sort of thing doesn’t happen 🙂

The one exception was the 906 – I hadn’t sketched one. So I had to rummage through the toy cars to get a reference. Having loads of toy cars is just me being professional – it’s not evidence of me not growing up, honest! It’s a bit dusty too.