Now I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the Jaguar E-type, I’ve seen too many shiny ones at shows, they’re just not exciting. The race ones on the other hand… Anyway, the lightweights and the low-drag cars bring some much needed non-tweedy drama to the model. When I was asked for an illustration of a car to advertise Dunlop’s racing tyres I immediately thought of the Lindner-Nocker low-drag coupe. Destroyed in a fatal crash in 1964 it has since been rebuilt in incredible detail. It’s the kind of car I picture on Dunlop racing tyres. So I drew one. On reflection I might have drawn something with fewer rivets, although they do add a nice line to the shape of the wing 🙂

The tread on the Dunlop tyre is interesting too, it’s kind of a ‘winding worm’ pattern, and it’s very evocative of 1960s F1 cars.