The weather was looking a bit grey first thing on Sunday – but it definitely improved for the Classic Cars on the Prom show at Highcliffe Castle. I took the Porsche along, as it just scrapes into the pre-August ’83 guideline. There was a good variety of cars there, from pre-war DKW and Rolls to the Porsches and Lancias I remember wanting, and from beaten up Landies to Ferraris and Astons. Everyone gets equal billing, which is nice…

Can’t say how much I want this car. It’s a replica, but such a nice one that no-one I spoke to about it cared. Simply lovely in every way.

Big, mean Jensen. A muscular brute of a car. No wonder Cliff Richard had one. But seriously, a fabulously good-looking bit of engineering sculpture.

I’ve never really had the hots for Astons – too much Bond maybe. But…this DB really does it for me, it’s properly gentlemanly. Plus, I could hear a dad patiently explaining to his son why the badge had “David Brown’ on it while I was taking the pictures. Another generation of anoraks is born.

And finally, this late arrival. A special, probably based on a Westfield. The owner was a very cool guy! Especially considering the exhaust is mostly inside the car with him (see second picture), and he’d been sitting on a plank of wood and some brocade cushions 🙂