I’m not the first artist to invent their own racing cars and teams, and alternative histories. Daniel Simon did it recently in his Timeless Racer book, and the Vaillant comic strip has been around for decades. It’s a lot of fun, and offers the chance to explore where motor racing may have gone if the rules or fashions had gone in different directions. What if fan cars had been ruled legal? What if Porsche couldn’t build 25 917s? What if the BRM V16 had actually worked out of the box?

It also has the liberating effect of designing your own cars, logos and advertising stickers. Which from an IPR point of view is brilliant.

This image is of an imaginary F1 car from the early to mid 1970s (essentially, one of my favourite F1 eras). It’s got some features from real cars of the time, and a bit of exaggeration for good measure. The Severen team name is an invention, not sure if it’s going to stick, this is all just a starting point.

It’s available as a print, or on clothing and stickers etc here.

So I’ve been doing a lot of doodling, and writing an alternative history. As a result of which I’ve decided to put my free time into developing the ideas as artwork. So the designs might be a bit sporadic for the next 2 weeks or so.