Classic & Sportscar magazine’s show at Flywheel (Bicester Heritage) is a new event this year; but the Flywheel show was so good last year we decided to chance it. We had a great day – having a demonstration course really makes the cars more interesting than a static show, and the planes and tanks add variety.

The biggest surprise was the 1970s Jaguar XJC saloon car racer – on a rare day out from the museum. I’d never expected to see it in the flesh – and the noise it makes!

Some of the staffers from the magazine had brought their classics along too, this gasser station wagon is just brilliant. Watching it cornering is a bit scary though.

The Lincoln below is a circuit racer in the style of a Carrera Panamerica competitor, and I seriously covet it. Must remember to translate what’s written on the boot…

In reality I’m never going to get a big American though – nice in theory, but I haven’t got the room, and they aren’t really my style.

The 2 cars below (both for sale!) did tick all the boxes for me though. They both are exactly the sort of thing I’d like to turn up to a business meeting in. Which says more about what I’d like my image to be, rather than the scruffy reality. Lovely as the Riley is, I think the Lancia shades it. I would have to lose a lot of weight and get an 60’s Italian suit to match, but I’m prepared to make the sacrifice.

Best hood ornament of the day? That would be the rabbit on the front of the Lotus 10 below. Loved it. It looked a little bit evil…

And the last shot of all is of the vehicle I very nearly came home with. Anyone able to name it? Any of the various names will do. No prize though, just pride 🙂

Weirdest point of the day? Meeting the guy re-enacting George Formby’s 1935 film No Limit, about the TT races. Not weird in itself – but trying to explain George Formby to a 12 year old is tough, even with You Tube. Aaron was very polite, but hadn’t got a clue what he was meant to be excited about.

Those who’d like to remind themselves of the film can see the opening scenes here…