About the Artist

I’m Richard Burton, an artist and illustrator based in the New Forest.  I also work at the Motor Museum at Beaulieu, where I can be found educating children with such incisive statements as “Oooh look, there’s another red one!”  Since before I can remember I’ve been obsessed with cars and planes.  It’s a family thing, Dad was a driving instructor and even now I can’t drive him anywhere without worrying he’s about to tap the dashboard.  We always had lots of odd cars, like an Austin 7 that had to be tow-started, and a Daimler that dismantled itself as we drove along, it’s no wonder I grew up thinking cars were meant to be fun rather than a practical means of getting anywhere.

I’ve carried on the tradition, there is always a car in bits in the garage, I have owned every impractical but exciting car from Lotus to Lancia, and I love it!  Added to this I have a deep and abiding love of drawing, put them all together and I love making pictures of cars.  More recently I’ve got interested in scooters and motorbikes, and even the local boating scene.  Pictures of these will soon appear on the website!

All the pictures and clothes on this site reflect the things that I love, and things I would like to own.  If I don’t like them I won’t show them to you!